Twelve bar




                                         Twelve Bar Blues -personal design creation. Leie M2 Model



  body Iroko - Mechanical grover Rotomatic - bridge ABR1 
  "roper" brass handmade with strings through the body 
  rosewood fingerboard with abalone nacre graduations  
  bolt-on neck - Micro humbucher kent armstrong with  
  a 3-position selector: single coil / series / parallel  
  (coupling of two coils of micro) - a volume potentiometer. 



                 A gift for joe bonamassa in 2014 in Paris












Leie M1 Model - personal design of the body of the guitar - screwed handle






handle custom shellac. 
exotic wood body and ash 
rosewood fingerboard 
21 large frets 
seymour duncan humbucker neck pickup sl 59 
kent armstrong pickup 
mechanical grover 
volume control and tone USA 
inverter 3 positions USA 
marker board abalone key. 
landmark 12 th frets ivory with initials. 
cellulose lacquer body. 
tailpiece with string-through-type TV.